Sex Addiction When Sleeping Beauty

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Almelo, Bella Floor, a 32-year-old woman suffering from a strange disease addicted to sex when she was sleeping soundly. Bella always had sexual intercourse while asleep and not able to remember what happened when awake.

Behavior scared his girlfriend who was always embarrassed when he slept the night with him. Her boyfriend, Justin (47 years) is a construction worker, who can not accept the treatment of sex Bella, Bella own without knowing what he had done. Justin was finally broken up with Bella.

Bella women from Almelo, Netherlands was writing experience in a site which tells how 6 years ago not a single doctor who could diagnose his behavior.

Bella was later sentenced to suffer seksomnia or Sexual Behavior in Sleep (SBS) is having sex in a sleeping condition.

Some people who suffer from SBS had even entered the stage of addiction. And for his partner, it is very annoying, embarrassing and can lead to serious problems.

As reported by FOXNews, Thursday (10/12/2009), Bella initially suspected she could not control his behavior, but it did almost every night which makes his girlfriend very angry.

Bella had gone gone to many doctors and psychologists that they generally can not do anything because it had never heard of a case like this.

The doctor only offered drugs, in addition to hypnotherapy, sex and consultation brain scan to stop the disease's seksomnia.

According to Bella, the drugs are given only help temporarily, but he claims his life would not depend on these drugs.

In the International Classification of Sleep Disorders (ICSD-2), SBS categorized as a new sleeping sickness by practitioners sleeping medication and requires special diagnosis.

A person suffering from SBS usually know the habits of the couple's bed. Sometimes many of those who do not believe that this habit could happen to him.

This is usually the base of the conflict in the couple because the patient does not receive and feel ashamed to admit or accept this fact. Until now there has been no effective medicine that can cure this disease.

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