Why is it sometimes that you testicles shrink?

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Sometimes my balls shrink and it sorts of "go backwards" into the body. Does it have anything got to do with the weather? And how big should my testicles be? (I'm 16). And how do you measure them?

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Sam your ball sack is tempreture controlled so that your balls can be a optimum tempreture to produce sperm. If your balls get too hot your ballsack relaxes and allows your balls to hang away from the heat of your body and stay cool for example after a hot jaccuzi or out in the desert riding bikes now when your cold like swimming in the river or cold pool your ball sack shrinks and holds your balls close to your body so they can stay warm. Dude your balls can be in one or both conditions depending on the tempreture. your balls are genitic you get your penis and balls size from your parents genes that put you together someone in your family has balls like yours on your dads side or moms side. dude your balls are probably fine i would not worry about them you complete the puberty process at 20 so you have more years to possabliy grow. 

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